Seasonal workers are an important part of South Australia’s agricultural and primary industries.

The below information will help individuals and employers navigate seasonal working arrangements during COVID-19. These measures are in place to ensure the health and safety of workers, businesses and local communities. Seasonal workers and businesses MUST comply with the measures outlined below to eliminate the risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19.


I'm already in South Australia

Non-essential travel to South Australia’s regions is encouraged.

If you are already in South Australia, you can travel to regional areas.

Note, there are some remaining restrictions on travel to remote communities.

I'm coming from outside South Australia

Depending on where you are arriving from, you may need to quarantine for 14 days.

What is required of you may differ depending on your own circumstances.

Check the SA Government’s information page about travel restrictions to establish:

  • If you are required to self-quarantine
  • If you fit the definition of an essential traveller.


Before you travel - if you are planning travel to SA, you should complete the Cross Border Travel Registration at least three days before you leave, regardless of where your travel begins.

Your registration will be assessed to determine whether you are:

  • able to travel without restriction (including people arriving directly from a low community transmission zone)
  • an essential traveller, with or without self-quarantine restrictions
  • required to self-quarantine on arrival for 14 days.

South Australia Police (SAPOL) will confirm each registration and assess them to determine a traveller’s status.

Complete your Cross Border Travel Registration on the SAPOL website.

You will be notified by email of your status within 72 hours and given a unique number. You will need to produce this number when crossing the border.

Keep a record of close contacts

Some essential travellers must now keep records of close contact for a 14 day period commencing on the date of arrival in South Australia. Check the SA Government’s information about cross-border travel, and travel restrictions to understand the requirements of essential travellers, and the exemptions that apply.

You should discuss with your employer your need to self-quarantine, and check that the accommodation available meets the requirements of self-quarantine.

See the useful documents section below for guidelines around self-quarantining for seasonal workers.

Self-isolation and quarantine advice is available from SA Health.

Complete the Personal Disclosure Statement before you start new employment. We also recommend that your employer keeps the form as a workplace record.

You may be able to apply for a visa extension, depending on your circumstance. Talk to your employer and check the Home Affairs website regularly for updates to visa eligibility.

The Commonwealth Government is making temporary changes to visa arrangements to help farmers access the workforce they need to secure Australia’s food and produce supply during COVID-19.

The changes will allow those within the Pacific Labour Scheme, Seasonal Worker Program and working holiday makers to continue to work in agriculture and food processing until the coronavirus crisis has passed.


The PIRSA COVID-19 hub has information for primary industries about workplace restrictions, safety, hygiene and support, such as:

Useful documents

These documents are a toolkit for employers and seasonal workers, and will help you to manage seasonal working during COVID-19.

Employers are recommended to have every employee complete this form at the end of each shift, to cover movements and list close contacts.

Complete this form before you start new employment. We also recommend that your employer keeps the form as a workplace record.

The Self-Quarantine for Seasonal Workers (PDF, 468.9 KB) guideline contains advice on self-quarantine requirements for seasonal and other workers once they enter South Australia to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

The Social Distancing in Shared Accommodation (PDF, 487.6 KB) guideline provides information for employers on managing shared accommodation facilities that house seasonal workers to reduce the likelihood of a COVID-19 outbreak.

Complete this form if you need to keep records of close contacts for 14 days after you've arrived in South Australia.

Stay Informed