Jobs for shearers, wool classers and labourers are available all year round to help farmers fleece their flocks.

The role

You'll be shearing sheep to get quality wool fleece.

Skills needed

You'll need to:

  • be physically fit
  • stand for long periods of time
  • good at communicating
  • work with animals
  • work as part of a small team
  • take sheep from catching pens and hold firmly while shearing fleece in one piece
  • select shearing combs to suit the type of sheep and wool
  • make sure sheep are shorn with the least possible stress on the animal and in accordance with strict animal welfare guidelines
  • return shorn sheep to let-out pens for counting and checking
  • shear stud animals with hand shears or special combs clean and sharpen combs and cutters
  • identify sheep with specific characteristics, such as black spots, as requested by the wool classer.

How you'll make a difference

Wool is one of South Australia’s largest manufacturing employers supporting 30,000 jobs. By shearing sheep you’ll play a part in helping to support our state growth, and create additional jobs in the economy.

Did you know:

  • 98% of wool product is sold to international markets.

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